Monday, December 12, 2011

More (Simple) Christmas Ideas

 A simple display on our kitchen counter reminds the kids (and us adults) what Christmas is all about.

 I adore my Berry and Bow Door Bucket from WH!  
(It's on sale this December for under $12!)

I've been blessed with many of my Granny's old-timey ornaments, but I'm terrified to put some of them on our big tree.  My kiddos will absolutely knock the big tree down sometime before 2012.  A funky wire tree my mom got me is a perfect solution.  I've put it up high where no little monsters can grab it, and it gives a place of honor to my grandma's ornaments.

A Warm Welcome

My wonderful hubby and I simply don't have time to put up lights outside our house this year.  In fact, since we put our house on the market, we've had to simplify our Christmas decorations quite a bit.  (Not every potential buyer wants to walk into a North Pole Wonderland I've heard.)  So in lieu of a fancy lights show, I got out two old sleds and simply added picks from our local grocery store.  Wintery, simple, and it took me all of five minutes!