Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Mom, the Style Diva

Here she mixes materials beautifully, using shiny colored glass, a rustic table and a pierced-tin lantern. These textures all really come together to add interest.

Using her Jamestown Tray, she created a lovely, fresh spring centerpiece. The little bird tucked into the grass is so cute!

Using a white terrine, stones and white tulips she creates another springy look.

She calls her sunporch her "conservatory". Here's a great example of how differing heights and using reflective glass and mirrors can really add "pop" to a table display.

My mom loves to decorate and is constantly changing up her displays. As you might have guessed, she also LOVES Willow House. Here are some pictures of some of her vignettes. Thanks, Mom, for the inspiration!

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