Monday, January 16, 2012

Jumpin' January

 Okay, don't get mad, but I'm not ready to put all of my winter decorations away in favor of spring.  It's going to be winter for a long while here in Michigan, so I don't want to jump the gun : )  
My mantle is sporting some Venetian glass as well as the Framework Urn.

 A fun bird's nest my mom got at an after-Christmas sale.  Thanks mom!

 I love using Scrabble pieces to convey messages in our entryway.  My demibottle (from the Demibottle Trio) holds a wintery pick.

 I love the Aldridge Wire Cloche in the new Willow House spring catalog.  I've got a little "X" and "O" in there right now in honor of Valentne's Day.


  1. I love cloches! I've never seen one like yours before - beautiful!

    1. I really like this one! You can find it at If you already have a cloche and want ideas on how to use yours, hop over to and do a search for cloches : )