Thursday, November 29, 2012

Decking the Halls and Other Shenanigans

 The first year decorating a new house is always a challenge.  Our house is cozier than the last, so my goal was to use many of my favorite decorations without overwhelming our space.  I'm not sure if I succeeded, but I gave it a good try : )  

This clock plays music and the train moves each hour.  My older two run into the office each time it starts.

 I treasure the old-timey ornaments from my grandma.  This funky tree helps me display some that would otherwise get lost on our over-filled Christmas tree.

 I love nativity scenes

A wintertime bird on her nest

 The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

 I thought the artwork that usually anchors the mantle was too busy with all the rest of the decorations, but I couldn't leave the wall blank b/c the previous homeowners left big holes where their tv mount had been.  I found a nativity scene online, printed it, and put it in an old frame.  It's not completely centered over the mantle, which bugs me, but it's way better than looking at holes, right?  

 Our centerpiece needs to be narrow since my boys are a bit boisterous at mealtime.

 I love a tiered stand for displaying pieces that would otherwise clutter the countertop.  The bottom bowls hold fruit, peppermint candy corn, and tea.

 An old muffin tin houses potpourri and candles.  Cranberry Chutney from Yankee Candle is my favorite holiday scent.

 My boys are forever jangling these metal ornaments as they go up and down the stairs, but oh well!  We'll say it's a "holiday sound".

 A friendly snowman graces our closet door.

 A door bucket welcomes winter guests.

 The older boys share a tree in their room.  They'd have it lit all day every day if they had their way.

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