Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome, Summer!

I am not one to futz (sp?) around the house redecorating all the time. I'd say that the whim to change things up hits me every few weeks (or less). The warm weather and the wonderful Memorial Day weekend inspired me to make my family room more summery (and patriotic). My husband was in the Air Force for almost 10 years, so in a way, it's a bit of a tribute to him.

I used an Amira Luminary to hold my flags in place and the pedestal to add height.

A flag given to us by our brother-in-law who flew it in a Huey over Iraq. It's flanked by two Bradshaw Lattice Lanterns.

Wait a minute! How'd we end up in the kitchen?!
I just wanted to show you my new decorative knobs. We have four cupboards with glass fronts, so instead of redoing all the kitchen knobs, I opted to add decorative knobs on just those four. Me likey.

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